Discover Local Flavor: Molly’s Mountain Pies in Academy District 20

Explore the heart and soul of Colorado Springs with our latest video featuring Molly’s Mountain Pies, a family-owned pizzeria that’s taking the local culinary scene by storm. Opened in 2022 and named after the owners’ affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog, Molly, this eatery prides itself on its commitment to freshness and community. With two convenient locations in Briargate and Black Forest, Molly’s Mountain Pies crafts each meal with care, from hand-tossed dough to house-made sauces and beyond. Watch as we uncover the secrets behind their mouthwatering specialty pizzas, sumptuous sandwiches, and signature Cinna Nugs, and see why their mantra, “People first,” makes them more than just a pizzeria — they’re a cornerstone of the community.

Ready to experience the taste of Molly’s Mountain Pies? Click here to watch the full video and see why locals can’t get enough of these delectable dishes. Don’t just hear about it — taste it for yourself and become part of the Molly’s family today!